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Employee Benefits Broker, Disability Insurance, and Short Term Medical Insurance in Georgia

Georgia Health Insurance from Heart of GA Insurance Brokers Online Quote

Welcome to the Heart of Georgia Website

Heart of Georgia Insurance Brokers; a brokerage company specializing in health, life and disability insurance solutions for employers, individuals and agents; provides quality products and exceptional customer service.

Formed in 1983 as a multi-state broker, specializing in Employee Benefits and Individual Coverage, Heart of Georgia has over 1000 agents, representing more than 100 insurance companies. Heart of Georgia Insurance Brokers is your source for answers to your health and life questions. Our expertise is understanding products, pricing and service in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Services offered for Employers, Individuals and Agents

  • Competitive Market Quotes
  • Easy Apps Online
  • Product Design
  • Medical Prescreening
  • Innovative Underwriting
  • Enrollments
  • Customer Service
  • Claims Assistance
  • Annual Client Review